Yi Xin Tong

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       2017 Alien
  Alien Who Observes Bird Droppings
  A Certain Cure for the Bite of a Mad Insect
  Spiral Dotted Line
  NYC Fishing Trip – How to Set up Your Rod and Reel and Rig and Cast It before Sunset
       2016 Strange New Health
  Strange New Health: Prologue
  Migration of Eyes – Multispecies Micro Fishing
  NYC Fishing Trip – Water Is in Front of the Bushes
       2015 Rushing Across the Field as a Dotted Line (neon)
  Gustavo’s Gas Stove
  Rum Distillery Ruins Installation
  Moose Antler
  Carved inkjet prints
  Cry You a River over Night
  Falling Asleep under a Tree
       2014 To Die For
  Rushing Across the Field as a Dotted Line (act)
  Black Walnut in Carriage House
  Duel on the Lawn
  Melencolia 0 – With a One-horned Beast
  Average Sweethearts: Dueling Scar & Driving Accident
       2013 Claude Is Allergic to Unicorns
  21 71
  Every Art Book in the Library / Wind-speed Indicator (book)
  J: How do you define 'object?' M: I do it with honey.
  Black Jacket and Black Sunglasses
  Short Films
  Rose and Sparrow
  Confirmed Romance
  First Tribute to Objects
  Last Tribute to Objects
  Delirious, the Midnight Sun Is Gorgeous.
       2012 The Distribution of Hypotheses
  Guggenheim Fellowship Notification Letter
  Post-Lithic Breakables
  Models for Plating the Bottom of a Lake
       2011 Coast and Mound
  In the Two-dimensional Field of Retrospective Future
  A Single Statement
  Non-poetic: Ended and Endless Performance
  The First Breath of a Withered Plant, the Last Glance of a Being Rock
  Replied the Stone As a Musical Line
       2010 Three Sentences Seeing a Stone
  Rigid Fantasies in the Heterotopic Wind
  21 Minutes Alexander St.
  It's a Small World (After All)
  The Furthermost Imaginable
  Mining Sun, Under Ground
  Full Light Jacket
  Youth 2
  Duck On Parole
  Ambiguous Lights
       2009 Youth
  Lasting Present Until You Walk Away, Your Youth
  Tong Dizhou's Street Lamp
  Absence of Roof
  Universitato Simon Fraser
  Can You Tell Me Where I Am
       2008 Curtain