three_sentences_seeing_a_stone three_sentences_seeing_a_stone three_sentences_seeing_a_stone  three_sentences_seeing_a_stone
Three Sentences Seeing a Stone installation at SFU Visual Art Studio
Stone, shotgun microphone with stand, amplifier, audio player, inkjet print photographs
I Could Be Wrong. 10/03/11-26/03/11. Audain Gallery, Vancouver
A stone was chosen after a two-hour search and moved back to the studio from the CRAB Park at Portside Park in Vancouver. Another stone was placed at the same spot as the substitution. The installation in the gallery fragmentally reconstructs an allegorically linear narrative, and a visual-acoustic illusion is built through the gesture of pointing a shotgun microphone to the stone while discontinuous sound coming out from the speaker. The phrase "three sentences seeing a stone" is a proverb translated from Chinese. It describes someone who is very fond of talking or a person like a nerdy intellectual who even 'talks' to the stones met by the road.
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