origin_of_ripples_yukon_chapter origin_of_ripples_yukon_chapter origin_of_ripples_yukon_chapter origin_of_ripples_yukon_chapter
Origin of Ripples – Yukon Chapter
HD video with sound  
The video is made from footage shot with four different devices near Dawson City, Yukon, the center of the Klondike Gold Rush from 1896 to 1899. Subtle repetition of different footage of the related environments suggests varied perception and understanding of the external world. Colorful arctic grayling jump out of the Klondike River, and next to which are layers of enormous worm-looking tailings gold-mining dredges left behind. Ripple as an abstracted form of effect and trace may appear on the surface of water, land, or other places. It interconnects the unique natural environment of the north, the madness of gold rush, and the astounding dredge tailings and ponds. Through close observation and corporeal experiences, the piece examines the polymorphic nature of both living and dead things and the elastic plane of water surface, especially when objects emerge above or submerge under the surface.

This project is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and Klondike Institute of Art and Culture.

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