replied_the_stone_as_a_musical_line replied_the_stone_as_a_musical_line
Replied the Stone As a Musical Line
Stone from Three Sentences Seeing A Stone, leash, plywood, swivel caster, transparency film, white paper, Plexiglas, speakers, audio player, sound
Sound excerpt:  (00'54")
With a little help from someone pulling the leash, the stone becomes mobile, sitting on a piece of plywood cut roughly to its shape with casters on.
        Both sides of the plywood were scanned and printed onto transparency films, from which not much could be seen. However, when layered on white paper, their wood texture looks nearly identical to that of the real wood, more real than photographs. The black edges or the background on one hand makes the object at the centre flatter like a silhouette, while on the other hand it creates a sense of infinite surrounding space that also spatializes the central object. These images are reminiscent of the way certain precious or economically valuable objects (including art) are presented or documented as well.
         Exchanged the white paper with a sheet of blank stave, the intersecting between the wood grain and the stave lines determined the attributes of the notes. However, it was still the mediator, the decipherer, who chose the spots of intersection that were conspicuous at the first sight and put them into the computer for a mechanical audio playback.
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