Rigid Fantasies in the Heterotopic Wind
Vacuum cleaner, metal tube, metal lampshade, duct tape, wood, your fantasy

"The space of our primary perception, the space of our dreams and that of our passions hold within themselves qualities that seem intrinsic: there is a light, ethereal, transparent space, or again a dark, rough, encumbered space; a space from above, of summits, or on the contrary a space from below of mud; or again a space that can be flowing like sparkling water, or space that is fixed, congealed, like stone or crystal."                
                                                                                          – Michel Foucault, Of Other Spaces, 1967

"I have often imagined the monster of sleep as a heavy, giant head with a tapering body held up by the crutches of reality. When the crutches break we have the sensation of falling."
                                                                                          – Salvador Dali, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, 1942


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