Multimedia installation incorporating Jacquard tapestry, video projection, metal, videos on screens, sound, Inkjet prints on paper, lightbox, lights, plastic, GIF image on LED screen  
Alien. 06/11/17-31/12/17. Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai  
Alien (2017) is a multimedia installation exploring what it means to be the “other” for the humans as well as the feelings of pain and pleasure resulted from alienation. The marine animal called little skate, also the “devil fish,” due to its features on the bottom side that resemble a hideous face, is considered an annoying trash fish for fishermen, but a useful metaphor for the “other” in this piece. The alloy roofing panels are relocated into the interior space to build solid waves and also an open parallelepiped vessel. The windows of which are two videos shot at deserted peripheries of New York City: NYC Fishing Trip – Cut up a Fallen Tree to Clear the Fishing Spot (2017) and NYC Fishing Trip – Fishing for the Thorny Devilfish (2017). Inside the installation, imageries of ripples, fish scales, and skeletons interchange, blurring the boundaries between living beings and the environment. What is seen from the vessel is not an exotic landscape beyond the Earth, but a ruined panorama in human society. The work reflects on the symbolic meanings of the human civilization as images and as concepts in our minds.  
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