Yi Xin Tong

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       2023 Ring over Pond over Tusks
       2022 Metaphysical Kindness
  Petrified Seas 2022
  Manuel d’amour environnemental
       2021 The Birth of Julung-julung: The Aquatic Dragon
  Petrified Seas 2021
  Night Vision
       2020 Poems in the Mount Lu Zoo
  World River Atlas
  Coronavirus Catch & Cook in NYC
       2019 Origin of Ripples – Yukon Chapter
  Dinosaur Excavation Project – Fake Fossil Chapter
  Fishing Affects Work, Love Affects Life
  NYC Fishing Journal
  Origin of Ripples – Yellow Field Chapter
       2018 Double Spiral Dotted Line
  Fishing for Banana Trout at the Anarchy Drainage
  There Is Nothing I Don't Know about This Ocean
  Fishermen’s Words
  Ultima Thule
       2017 Alien
  Alien Who Observes Bird Droppings
  A Certain Cure for the Bite of a Mad Insect
  Spiral Dotted Line
       2016 Strange New Health
  Strange New Health: Prologue
  Migration of Eyes – Multispecies Micro Fishing
  NYC Fishing Trip – Water Is in Front of the Bushes
       2015 Rushing Across the Field as a Dotted Line (neon)
  Gustavo’s Gas Stove
  Rum Distillery Ruins Installation
  Carved inkjet prints
  Cry You a River over Night
  Falling Asleep under a Tree
       2014 Average Sweethearts: Dueling Scar & Driving Accident
  To Die For
  Rushing Across the Field as a Dotted Line (act)
  Duel on the Lawn
       2013 Claude Is Allergic to Unicorns
  21 71
  Short Films
  Delirious, the Midnight Sun Is Gorgeous.
  J: How do you define 'object?' M: I do it with honey.
  Every Art Book in the Library / Wind-speed Indicator (book)
  Black Jacket and Black Sunglasses
  Confirmed Romance
  First Tribute to Objects
  Last Tribute to Objects
       2012 The Distribution of Hypotheses
  Post-Lithic Breakables
  Models for Plating the Bottom of a Lake
       2011 In the Two-dimensional Field of Retrospective Future
  The First Breath of a Withered Plant, the Last Glance of a Being Rock
  Non-poetic: Ended and Endless Performance
  A Single Statement
  Replied the Stone As a Musical Line
       2010 Three Sentences Seeing a Stone
  Rigid Fantasies in the Heterotopic Wind
  Mining Sun, Under Ground
  Full Light Jacket
       2009 Absence of Roof
  Universitato Simon Fraser