Yi Xin Tong

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       2021 Human Whale Songs (album)
       2019 A Phone Call from Malaysia
  I Think My Body Is Dying (album)
       2018 Ultima Thule (album)
       2017 Camera Popper Lure
  NYC Fishing Trip – Coney Island Herring Fishing February 2017
       2015 Gravesend Attic (album)
       2014 Don't Take Your Swords to Town
  Spray (album)
       2013 Claude Is Allergic to Unicorns
  Basement (album)
       2012 Pace-maker
       2011 Blind Mountain Ridge (album)
  Last Golden Leaf Falling from His Crown
  When a Bicycle Is Built for Two
  Tribute to the Season Between Winter and Summer
  Replied the Stone As a Musical Line
       2010 Tasteless
  Is It a Big World After Reversed?
  Red Mask
  Invisible Windbell, Vancouver Chinatown, August 20, 2010
  The White Above
  The Pines in Lushan
  To the Irresponsible SFU Music Teachers
       2009 Out-Of-Order Music at Harbour Centre
  Enduring the Awkwardness
       2008 Curtain (album)