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      Ultima Thule  
01. Sheep that Count the Stars / 02:09  
      Kashgar Sunday livestock market_herding sheep into a pen.wav  +  Shanghai Science and Technology Museum_New Energy exhibition.wav
02. Hugging / 04:34  
      Nighttime ballroom dancing at a park in Shanghai.wav  +  New York Court St. subway station_workers working by an elevator.wav
03. Textile / 07:01  
      Lanzhou Small West Lake Park sprinkler.wav  +  Shanghai Textile Museum_factory distribution model.wav  
04. The Abuse and Revolt of Robots / 03:40  
      Shanghai Science and Technology Museum_the piano-playing robot.wav  +  Snow removal with brooms and shovels in front of the Mohe County Government building.wav
05. Bonfire at Sea / 04:27  
      Mohe County_wind and crackling sounds outside the car window.wav  +  Sanya Phoenix Island boat fishing_waves hitting the concrete wall.wav
06. Good Shot / 02:11  
      Ürümqi Red Hill Park_shooting game.wav  +  Shanghai Natural History Museum_dinosaur roars.wav
07. Tea with Siren / 04:09  
      Old City of Kashgar teahouse_singing and playing.wav  +  Interminable siren on the streets of Kashgar.wav  
08. After the Storm / 04:07  
      Sanya Dadonghai Beach_waves.wav  +  Shanghai Suzhou River_old man practicing singing.wav  
      Katydid Records · New York  
      Release: March 2018  
      © 2018 Yi Xin Tong All Rights Reserved  
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