the_furthermost_imaginable the_furthermost_imaginable
The Furthermost Imaginable
Video installation (52'27" loop)

The project was started with the research on the word "end." One of its meaning struck me – the furthermost imaginable place or point. I immediately thought of "天涯," a Chinese highly abstracted phrase that has been used throughout the history in classical poetries which literally translates as "the edge of sky."
       The earth in the video rotates at a slow speed on the boundary between being able and unable to notice its rotation, while the enormous hot air balloon is out of focus and static. The whole image is utopian and romantic but also somewhat absurd. Hot air ballooning is an activity that reflects human being's aspiration of exploring the world, and it has associations of pursuing the Sun (truth) or flying to the heaven. However, the balloon's perpetually extremely colorful appearance, its gigantic size, and its inability of precisely controlling its own movement also inevitably add an absurd hue to itself.


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