It's a Small World (After All)
Accidentally discovered musical box, contact microphone, cardboard pipe, metal lampshade, amplifiers
The song It's a Small World (After All) was created in spirit of global peace. Simply, this work is about love and peace. Unfortunately, the very impossibility of achieving this simplicity also exposes the dialectics of sincerity and naïveté.
       When the key is wound, the sound from the musical box will be amplified and transmitting through air in the space, and the physically transformed metal lampshade will resonate to certain frequencies of tones in the melody and generate special sounds that relate to the original. This fundamentally physical tie of connecting the sound (the audio) to the object (the visual) by sound wave is a process of embodiment, or incarnation. The naked musical box is attached to one end of the long tube, facing inside. This distances the viewer from visually seeing the mechanical operation details, but letting them to "see" the process of unfoldment by listening to the slowing down of tempo of the melody.
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