circular_dance_to_death_at_sea circular_dance_to_death_at_sea circular_dance_to_death_at_sea circular_dance_to_death_at_sea circular_dance_to_death_at_sea circular_dance_to_death_at_sea 
Circular Dance to Death at Sea
HD video with sound
30’23” (excerpt, 1’38)
Circular Dance to Death at Sea (2023) corporally explores circular movements within the body and between the body and the external environment, such as architectural ruins and weathered terrains. Shot on Bornholm Island in Denmark in the dark winter, the film is an experiment of creating abstraction through realistic scenes on rocky Baltic coasts and in domestic interior spaces. In contrast with narrative film or documentary performance video, the work is non-literal, non-metaphorical, non-symbolic, but a structural composition of dim colors, composite shapes, subtle movements, and slow noise in time.  
This project is generously supported by Beast Residency and the Canada Council for the Arts.  
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