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This album consists of raw recordings from my trip back to China in the winter of 2008. They are unprocessed to keep the temporal and spatial situations intact, including chances, and the choice and framing of the recordings reflect the personal and emotional touches. The tracks are in the original sequence in which they were recorded in the journey.
01. Back to Wudaokou, Urban Rail  
02. Winding  
03. Morning Broadcast, Close to Hometown  
04. Five Songs  
05. When Intentionally Recreating a Scene That Was Not Originally Intentional  
06. Six-Year-Olds' Tranquil Night Thoughts  
07. to Shanghai  
08. Metal Ripples in the Courtyard  
09. One Thousand Confessions, from a Clean Tunnel  
10. 0km/h–431km/h  
11. Bus 307, Zhongguancun Back to the University  
12. Bell Tower, Pigeon Whistle  
13. When I Wanted to Record the Wind, When I Did Not Get Its Sound  
14. Chance  
15. I Can Not Remember Where This Is  
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